The organisation

Our vision

An efficient, innovative, resilient and profitable agriculture, fisheries and forestry sector that thrives for the long-term.

Our work delivers on Government commitments

Our aim is to grow agriculture as one of the four pillars of the Queensland economy.

We are the Government's key advisor on strategies to achieve its goal of doubling food production by 2040.

  • achieves maximum productivity with optimised inputs and minimised waste
  • embraces solutions to add value and meet new requirements and market demands
  • withstands and recovers quickly from difficult conditions
  • yields financial rewards for its producers and the economy

Queensland's agriculture strategy: a vision to double agricultural production by 2040 (PDF, 1.9MB) outlines the four key industry-agreed pathways that we will focus on:

  • securing and increasing resource availability
  • driving productivity growth across the supply chain
  • securing and increasing market access
  • minimising the costs of production.

These pathways are the foundations required to increase production and value for sustainable and ongoing growth.

How we are structured

Our work spans across the agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries and includes provision of agricultural research, development and extension for the management of biological, animal welfare and product integrity risks.

We have over 2000 staff spread across four regions of the state. This includes staff who provide services to other agencies through the corporate partnership arrangement.

Our organisational chart (PDF, 33.3KB) reflects the high-level structure of the department.

Our business areas

We are structured to deliver our objectives through four service areas:

  • Agriculture, including Agri-Science Queensland
  • Fisheries and Forestry
  • Biosecurity Queensland
  • Corporate


Agriculture works with industry associations and all levels of government to provide operating conditions and services that enable businesses to develop the workforce, manage risks and build resilience, and maintain supplies for relevant industries. It also manages the delivery of regional assistance to industry. 
Within Agriculture, Agri-Science Queensland undertakes research, development and extension to lift the productivity of Queensland's agricultural businesses, with the aim of doubling production by 2040.

Fisheries and Forestry 

Fisheries and Forestry manages the sustainability and allocation of fisheries and forestry resources for all Queenslanders. This is vital to facilitate the growth of profitable commercial fishing and aquaculture industries, maximise the recreational fishing experience and the economic and social benefits it delivers, respect traditional and customary fishing, and protect fish habitats, and maintain supplies of state-owned forest products and quarry materials for relevant industries.

Biosecurity Queensland

Biosecurity Queensland leads the Government's efforts to prevent, respond to and recover from pests and diseases threatening agricultural prosperity. This is achieved by maintaining access to markets, protecting animal welfare and reducing the risk of contamination from agricultural chemicals.


The business areas are supported by corporate services delivered under a Corporate Partnership. A corporate hub is hosted within the department and provides finance, information technology, communication, human resources and organisational performance management services across cluster partners.

Last updated 07 February 2003