Hendra virus

Hendra virus update

No properties in Queensland are currently under quarantine for Hendra virus.

Horse owners are reminded that Hendra virus can cause a life-threatening illness, be cautions with sick horses and always ensure the personal safety of yourself and others.

Talk to your vet about vaccinating your horses against Hendra virus.

  • General information

    Signs of Hendra virus, how it is transmitted, how to reduce the risk of horses and people being infected, the role of flying foxes and other animals, and who to contact if you suspect Hendra virus

  • Information for veterinarians

    Guidelines for vets handling potential infections, how to submit samples for analysis, and personal protective equipment

  • Intergovernmental Hendra Virus Taskforce

    Information about the new Intergovernmental Hendra Virus Taskforce

  • Horse industries and owners

    Guidelines for holding equestrian events, information about Hendra virus testing, and biosecurity procedures

  • Research

    Initial research into Hendra virus, how research has progressed and information about the Queensland Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases

  • Veterinarian guidelines

    Guidelines for veterinarians handling potential Hendra Virus infection in horses: Version 5.1, December 2013. Includes summary of important changes.

Last updated 27 June 2014