Johne's disease

  • Overview

    Johne´s disease (JD) is a serious disease of cattle, sheep, goats, alpaca, llama, camels and deer. It produces chronic diarrhoea or ill thrift leading to emaciation and eventually death.

  • Queensland's response

    Bovine Johne's disease (BJD) Queensland response information and resources for affected producers in the cattle industry.

  • Prevention

    Johne´s disease is caused by the bacteria, Mycobacterium paratuberculosis. It infects animals when they are young and only produces clinical signs of disease after several years have passed.

  • Surveillance

    Owners should monitor their livestock and report any suspicious signs of diarrhoea or wasting. All reports of suspect Johne´s disease will be investigated. Diagnostic tests are conducted free-of-charge at Biosecurity Queensland veterinary laboratories.

  • National Control Program

    The National Johne's Disease Control Program is a cooperative program involving Australian livestock industries, government and the veterinary industry. Animal Health Australia manages the program on behalf of these key stakeholders.

Last updated 24 April 2013