Honeybees add an estimated $4 to 6 billion to the Australian agricultural and horticultural industries each year. More than 80,000 commercial hives in Queensland produce around 75 kg of honey per hive annually. Honeybees not only produce honey, but play a vital role in the balance of nature, especially the pollination of agricultural crops, horticultural crops and the household garden. Our favourite foods such as apples, avocados, stone fruits, melons and citrus fruits are either highly dependent on, or greatly benefit from, honeybee pollination.

  • Hive management

    Good beekeepers continuously maintain their hives to safeguard their investment and increase or improve honey production.

  • Bee swarms

    A swarm is an oval mass of bees seeking a place to start a new colony under the direction of their queen.

  • Diseases and pests

    Pests and diseases to a brood can impact on hives' productivity.

  • Beekeeping essentials

    Find out what you need to know when considering beekeeping as a hobby or commercial enterprise.

Last updated 09 August 2012