Animal welfare and ethics

The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring that all animals in Queensland have appropriate standards of welfare.

Biosecurity Queensland, a service of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, is the government's lead agency for animal welfare activities in Queensland. We develop, monitor and enforce animal welfare policy, legislation and standards, and educate the community about animal welfare.

  • Using animals for scientific purposes

    Animal ethics - the use of animals for scientific purposes

  • Contacts

    Who to contact for various animal welfare and ethics issues.

  • Forms

    Animal Welfare and Ethic guidelines and forms for registration of scientific users, exemption from disclosure, ethic committee details and committee structures.

  • Animal welfare

    Animal welfare requirements in Queensland, including codes of practice, animal welfare law and pet ownership

Exhibiting animals in Queensland (Business and industry portal)

Last updated 23 December 2013