Piggery design: piggeries

The following information will help you to complete the piggery design worksheet for a piggery plan. This information should complement details used for your site and yard plan.

Shed design

Outline the proposed shed design:

  • number of sheds
  • shed design
  • number of pigs and pig class in each shed
  • effluent management system (flushing, pull plug, deep litter).

Waste collection and transport

Outline the proposed waste collection and transport methods:

  • pen and laneway cleaning practices
  • types and configurations of waste collection pits
  • flushing volumes and frequencies
  • recycling practices for flushing water
  • drain types and construction methods
  • drain cleaning procedures.

Effluent pre-treatment information

Outline any proposed pre-treatment system e.g. solid separators, run down screens and screw presses, and other operating details:

  • removal rates for total solids, volatile solids, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and salt
  • maintenance plans
  • storage methods
  • processing methods
  • handling and transport of solids removed.

Liquid waste information

Outline the proposed pond system (including both anaerobic and wet weather ponds):

  • number of ponds
  • pond dimensions (including surface area and volumes)
  • operating freeboard
  • suitability of soil to construct effluent pond.

Solid waste treatment and storage

Outline the proposed solid waste (including sludge) treatment and storage methods, as well as practices for drying, stockpiling and composting.


Last updated 06 July 2010