• Redclaw crayfish
    Redclaw crayfish
Scientific name

Cherax quadricarinatus

Other names


Frequent misidentifications

yabby (freshwater blueclaw crayfish)

  • species of freshwater crayfish growing to about 600g
  • body is usually blue-green, however there is considerable colour variability due to geographic location
  • adult male has a distinct soft red patch on the outer margin of the claws, hence the name 'redclaw'.
  • native to tropical Queensland and the Northern Territory
  • common in the rivers flowing into the Gulf of Carpentaria and easterly flowing rivers of the northern Cape York Peninsular
  • have been stocked into Tinaroo Falls Dam (Atherton) under permit
  • stocking of this species outside its natural range is not permitted
  • Several populations have established in impoundments throughout the state due to the accidental introduction. These populations fluctuate greatly in size and it is unknown what impact they have on other species
  • omnivorous, consuming a variety of plant and animal material.


Size and bag limits
  • size limit - nil
  • bag limit - 40 from their natural range (Gulf of Carpentaria drainage and from Jacky Jacky river basin south to the Normanby River basin on the north east coast of Queensland)
  • females carrying eggs and young must be returned to the water when taken from the abovementioned waters.


Further information

Last updated 08 November 2010