Industrial hemp

Industrial hemp is the industrial form of Cannabis sativa. Industrial hemp is also known as Indian hemp, industrial cannabis and hemp. This form of C. Sativa produces high-quality fibre and seed for a wide range of applications and has no mind-altering properties. The plant has a long history of being used in the production of textiles, paper, rope, fuel, oil and stockfeed.

Industrial hemp may be grown in Queensland under controlled conditions. If you intend to grow or research industrial hemp, you must have a licence. All activities carried out under a licence are also subject to monitoring at the licensee's expense by inspectors who, among other things, sample plants before harvest to test for THC content.

If you're a licensed grower or researcher and have livestock on your property or nearby, you must be aware of the restrictions that apply to feeding cannabis to livestock or livestock gaining access to cannabis.

  • Restrictions on feeding cannabis to livestock

    Information about the restrictions on feeding cannabis to livestock including the relevant legislation and reasons for having the legislation.

  • Industrial hemp in Queensland

    Information about the industrial hemp industry in Queensland. Industrial hemp growers and researchers require licences.

  • Grower or researcher licences

    Apply for a grower licence or researcher licence to grow industrial hemp or carry out research to develop new varieties of industrial hemp in Queensland.

Last updated 06 January 2012