Fire ants

As of 30 August 2014, the boundaries of the restricted area in South East Queensland will change. View the map to see if these changes affect you or your business. 

Aerial surveillance for fire ants is being conducted from May 2014 to September 2014. View the flight schedule .

If you have received a 'Fire ant flights' notification in your mailbox, please complete the property information form to advise us of your contact information and of any access restrictions relating to your property. Once aerial surveys are completed, we may need to enter your property to confirm any potential fire ant nests that are detected by the survey flights.

Fire ants are dangerous imported pests that could spread to large areas of Australia, severely damaging the environment, our outdoor lifestyle and the agriculture and tourism industries.

Please report suspect fire ants online or call us on 13 25 23.

  • About fire ants

    How to identify fire ants, the impact of these pest ants, fire ant biology, ecology and frequently asked questions.

  • Restricted areas

    If you work or live in a fire ant restricted area you need to know about restrictions on moving certain risk items, restricted areas and waste facilities

  • Eradication program

    What is being done to eradicate fire ants including aerial surveys and treatment, current research, how you can become a volunteer and more

  • Forms and notifications

    Fire ant forms and surveys including the report a sighting, flights and inspector approval requests.

  • Education and teaching resources

    Make a booking for 'Aka the Fire Ant Tracker' show or download teaching materials including strategies and contract activities

  • Aerial operations

    Treatment of fire ants in rural and suburban areas

Last updated 29 May 2014