Declared plants of Queensland

There are three classes of declared plants under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002. These plants are targeted for control because they have, or could have, serious economic, environmental or social impacts.

There are legal obligations associated with the control, supply, sale, keeping and transport of declared plants in Queensland. Declaration under state legislation imposes various legal responsibilities for control by landowners on land under their management, including all landowning state agencies.

It is illegal to supply a declared plant anywhere in Queensland without a permit issued by Biosecurity Queensland.

Plants that are not declared under state legislation may have control requirements imposed by local governments.

  • Class 1

    Class 1 declared plants can cause adverse economic, environmental and social impacts.

  • Class 2

    Class 2 declared plants pest can have adverse economic, environmental and social impacts.

  • Class 3

    The primary objective of Class 3 declared plants pest is to prevent sale, therefore preventing the spread of these pests into new areas.

Last updated 09 September 2011