Plant industries services

We support the profitability and sustainability of Queensland's plant industries through a variety of services.

Business development

Business and trade services
Includes climate workshops and farm management courses.


Climate outlook
Climate and crop outlook information for primary producers.

Financial assistance

Farm financial counselling
Free service to help primary producers understand and improve their financial position.

Orchard management software

Software and services for the avocado industry.

Software and services for the macadamia industry.

Plant collections

AusPGRIS Australian Plant Genetic Resources Information System
Information on crop and forage germplasm.

Australian Tropical Crops and Forages Collection
Maintains important plant genetic diversity through seed conservation in long term cold storage. Seed is available upon request to bona fide plant researchers.

Plant health services

Agricultural and veterinary chemicals
Responsible use and residue prevention.

Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Licence Register
Locate an aerial or ground distribution business or operator to carry out work for you or check if a person or business is licensed.

Fire ants
Report suspected infestations.

Grow Help Australia
Comprehensive range of plant pest, disease and problem diagnostic services to growers of nursery, flower, ornamental and other horticultural crops.

Plant pest and disease reporting
Report suspicious plant diseases or potential pests.

Root-lesion nematode testing
Testing service for growers of wheat and other field crops.

Plant identification

Queensland HerbariumResources for plant identification.

Soil, leaf and water testing

We no longer offer this service. Please find a commercial supplier.

Last updated 30 October 2012