Recreational fishing

Queenslanders are keen anglers. Each year, more than 700,000 fish for recreation, with anglers taking home around 8500 tonnes of fin fish, crabs and prawns. Queensland's fisheries resources are also important for tourism, attracting anglers from around Australia and the world.

  • Rules and regulations

    Guide to recreational fishing rules in Queensland; including tidal and freshwater rules, closed season, closed waters, permits, size and bag limits, fishing gear

  • Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) Permits for fishing in dams

    How and where to get a permit to fish in Queensland dams and lakes

  • Freshwater fish stocking

    Freshwater fish stocking in Queensland including obtaining native fish fingerlings, fish stocking, stocking private dams and native fish for mosquito control

  • Tips and responsibilities

    Links to recreational fishing information including frequently asked questions, codes of practice, how to release fish for survial, shark fishing, protected species, pet fish care, fishing clubs and organisations.

  • Community and volunteering

    What the community can do to help sustain our fisheries

  • Boating & Fisheries Patrol

Last updated 03 October 2012