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Persian shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus)

  • Perisan shield
    Perisan shield
  • Perisan shield
    Perisan shield

General information

Native to Burma, Persian shield was introduced to Queensland as a garden plant. 


Scientific name Strobilanthes dyerianus
  • Evergreen, soft-stemmed shrub growing to 1.2m high.
  • Stems are square in cross-section.
  • Lance-shaped leaves to 20cm long have toothed margins and are iridescent purple-silver and green above with a purple underside.
  • Pale blue, funnel-shaped flowers to 30mm long grow in short spikes.
Habitat Native to Burma.


  • Invades the understorey of rainforest margins and creek lines.

The best form of weed control is prevention. Treat weed infestations when they are small - do not allow weeds to establish.

Ways to prevent weed spread 


Physical control

  • Hand-pull seedlings and small plants, making sure that all roots and stem fragments are removed.

Herbicide control

  • There is no herbicide currently registered for control of Persian shield in Queensland; however, an off-label use permit (Permit No. PER11463) allows the use of various herbicides for the control of environmental weeds in non-agricultural areas, bushland, forests, wetlands, and coastal and adjacent areas.

See the Persian shield fact sheet (PDF, 153KB) for herbicide control and application rates.

Biological control

  • There is no biological control agent available for this plant.
Declaration details
  • not a declared species under Queensland legislation but may be declared under local government law.

Last updated 17 April 2014